Self Pranic Healing Course-Online

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Date(s) - 01/10/2020
9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Self Pranic Healing Course

Learn easy and effective techniques to improve health and well-being!Pranic Self Healing Online Course. Pranic Healing individual consultations & Courses in Brisbane

The Self Pranic Healing course teaches how to activate the natural healing process of your body. When you cut or burn your hand, over several days the body heals itself. When the energy level of the affected part and the whole body is increased, this natural healing process is accelerated.

I learnt this step-by-step approach to energy healing … it easy to learn and apply … I was able to improve my health and well-being!

Through easy to follow exercises, you’ll learn step-by-step how to increase and direct healing energy to clear blockages. These energy blockages often cause low vitality and many of the physical and emotional ailments that people suffer from.

Uncover how thoughts and emotions affect health and vitality and what you can do to help stay positive.

The Self Pranic Healing course is facilitated live online via zoom by Fara Curlewis.

Fara is the Director of the Pranic Healing & Meditation Centre in Brisbane. She is a licensed instructor of MCKS” Pranic Healing Courses – L1, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Crystal Pranic Healing & Psychic Self-Defence.

Find out more about individual consultations with Fara.

This is an excellent introduction to Pranic Healing!

You will also receive a handout (pdf file) and a Certificate of Attendance.

  • Experiential – See and feel subtle energy and the energy body
  • Energy body anatomy – Learn about the energy centres and channels that distribute life force (prana) throughout the body.
  • Step-by-step approach – Practise easy to follow steps to heal headache, stomach discomfort, respiratory difficulty, stress and more.
  • Increase your vitality and energy – Discover breathing and physical exercises to calm the emotions and mind while increasing the life energy(prana) levels in your body
  • Emotional and Mental well-being – Experience the power of affirmation, forgiveness and guided meditation

Registrations for this course is via the Global Pranic Healing website.

Fee: $165
Repeat students: $82​

NOTE: Students may only participate in this online Pranic Healing course offered in their geographic region. For example, only students from Queensland can only attend this session.

COURSE REGISTRATION please note registration for this online course is via the Global Pranic Healing website.

To register:
1. Click on this link events list 

2. In Event Type dropdown menu – click Self Pranic Healing. In Territory Field enter Queensland then click.

3. Identify the desired course and confirm the class date (1/11/20) and instructor name (Fara Curlewis) to ensure your register for the desired courseMCKS Self Pranic Healing Online. For Courses & Consultations Pranic Healing & Meditation Centre Brisbane

4. Click the “REGISTER” button and enter your details
You will then receive an email confirming your registration for the selected course and another email with course information and payment instructions