Pranic Healing© Course Schedule

Our Healing Courses

MCKS’ Pranic Healing© (L1)
MCKS Pranic Healing© (L1) - July 25th & 26th

MCKS’ Advanced Pranic Healing© (L2)
MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing© (L2) June 13th & 14th

MCKS’ Pranic Psychotherapy© Course (L3)
MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy© (L3) Sat June 27th

MCKS’ Crystal Pranic Healing© (L4)
MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing© (L4) Sun June 28th

MCKS’ Psychic Self Defence© (L4) 2020 dates
To Be Scheduled


Spiritual Courses

MCKS’ Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul©
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Spiritual Essence of Man©
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Arhatic Yoga©
MCKS Arhatic Yoga© - Prep Level July 18th & 19th

Arhatic Yoga Practice. We offer regular weekly and monthly group practice sessions for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners. Please contact the centre for our schedule.

MCKS’ Inner Teachings of Christianity Revealed©
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Inner Teachings of Buddhism Revealed©
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed©
To Be Scheduled

Abundance and Prosperity Courses

MCKS’ Spiritual Business Management©
MCKS' Spiritual Business Management© Sun 16th Aug

MCKS’ Pranic Feng Shui©
MCKS' Pranic Feng Shui - Sat 15th Aug

MCKS’ Kriyashakti©
MCKS Kriyashakti - Sat & Sun Aug 29th & 30th

Single Day Workshops

Enneagram of Spirituality
Enneagram Workshop Sun 21st June

Relationship Healing
Relationship & Healing Workshop Sun 12th July

Setting Your Goals for Success
To Be Scheduled