MCKS’ Pranic Healing© Course Schedule

Our Healing Courses

MCKS’ Pranic Healing© (L1)
MCKS Pranic Healing© (L1) - Feb 8th & 9th 2020
MCKS Pranic Healing© (L1) Course

MCKS’ Advanced Pranic Healing© (L2)
MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing© (L2) Feb 22nd & 23rd 2020
MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing© (L2)

MCKS’ Pranic Psychotherapy© Course (L3)
MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy© (L3) Sat 28th March
MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy© (L3)

MCKS’ Crystal Pranic Healing© (L4)
MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing© (L4) - Sun 29th March
MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing© (L4)

MCKS’ Psychic Self Defence© (L4) 2020 dates
To Be Scheduled


Spiritual Courses

MCKS’ Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul©
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Spiritual Essence of Man© 2020 dates 
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Arhatic Yoga© 2020 dates
To Be Scheduled

Arhatic Yoga Practice. We offer regular weekly and monthly group practice sessions for Arhatic Yoga Practitioners. Please contact the centre for our schedule.

MCKS’ Inner Teachings of Christianity Revealed©
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Inner Teachings of Hinduism Revealed©
To Be Scheduled

Abundance and Prosperity Courses

MCKS’ Spiritual Business Management© 2020 dates
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Pranic Feng Shui© 2020 dates
To Be Scheduled

MCKS’ Kriyashakti© 2020 dates
To Be Scheduled

Single Day Workshops

Enneagram of Spirituality
Enneagram Workshop Sun 21st June

Relationship Healing
Relationship Workshop Sun 19th April

Setting Your Goals for Success
Set Your Goals for Success Workshop - Sat 29th Feb