Our Healing Courses

  • Basic Pranic Healing
MCKS Pranic Healing (L1) - Feb 9th & 10th


  • Advanced Pranic Healing
MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing (L2) Oct 20th & 21st
MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing (L2 ) Feb 23rd & 24th
MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing (L2 ) June 8th & 9th


  • Pranic  Psychotherapy Course
MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy (L3) Nov 10th & 11th
MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy (L3) Mar 16th & 17th


  • Crystal Pranic Healing
MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing (L4) - Nov 24th & 25th


  • Psychic Self Defence
To Be Scheduled


Spiritual Courses

  • Achieving Oneness with your Higher Soul
To Be Scheduled


  • Spiritual Essence of Man
To Be Scheduled


  • Arhatic Yoga
AY Practice 22nd Oct
AY Practice 25th Oct
AY Practice 29th Oct
AY Practice 1st Nov
AY Practice 4th Nov


Abundance and Prosperity Courses

  • Spiritual Business Management
To Be Scheduled


  • Pranic Feng Shui
*Discount Package* Master Hector Ramos - Register Now & Save!
MCKS Pranic Feng Shui - Friday Dec 7th


  • Kriyashakti
*Discount Package* Master Hector Ramos - Register Now & Save!
MCKS Kriyashakti - Sat & Sun Dec 8th & 9th