MCKS’ Spiritual Essence of Man©

MCKS’ Spiritual Essence of Man


This one-day course gives us access to deeper knowledge and practices that were once divulged only to inner disciples of both the Egyptian and Indian Mystery Schools!


  • Learn the relationship & importance of your Spiritual Anatomy (chakras and auras) as described in the traditions of Taoism, Christianity, Kabbalah, Sanskrit, Acupuncture, and Egyptian Mystery Schools.
    Spiritual Essence of Man

    MCKS’ Spiritual Essence of Man. The Chakras & the Inverted Tree of life.

  • What is the relationship between our Divine Essence, our energy bodies, aura and chakras?
  • Discover the meaning of the Christian “Triple Cross” and how it can activate your chakras and energize your subtle bodies.
  • Use of the Keter Sephira for Spiritual Healings
  • Understand the teachings of the Lord’s Prayer contained in both the Kabbalistic and Egyptian Tree of Life.
  • Practice the “I AM” Meditation & activate your seed of consciousness or ‘permanent mental seed’
  • Learn Krishna’s Teachings on the Inverted Tree of Life and the Upanishad’s Tree of Eternity
  • Discover your Buddha Nature & ‘Spiritual Fetus’ and Experience the Divine Essence within you.



A unique and powerful course to experience our Divine Essence!


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Pre-requisite for this course is Pranic Healing L1


This one-day course teaches the meaning and everyday application of four powerful ancient symbols – The Kabbalah, Tree of Life, The Cross and the Chakras.

As the world reels feverishly from scio-economic and political turmoil. Master Choa Kok Sui draws from the wellspring of the Tree of Life. With incisive simplicity, he offers very practical and in many instances, provocative answers to the seemingly complex problems of our time.

This course brings together the multi-cultural backdrop of esoteric systems. The Chakras, the Sephiroth, the Triple Cross and other symbols that are like ‘lost pearls’ of wisdom which are beautifully strung together, allowing the ardent seeker a most effective strategy for living a blessed life. The Tree of Life is an alternative apth towards reclaiming and redeeming spirituality.

[Extract taken from the book by Master Choa Kok Sui ‘Spiritual Essence of Man’]