Besides the teachings, you make the learning experience wonderful, fun, easy and profound.

MR Engineer

Every day I am thankful for meeting you and being introduced to Pranic Healing! Since then I have met the most amazing people and Pranic Healing has absolutely changed my life in the most positive and loving way and for this I am forever grateful to you and all the Masters.

KM Public Servant & Holistic Practitioner

I've learned so much and connected many dots - things are starting to make sense now!!!  Thank you.

K.U Business Coach

I enjoyed myself immensely and can't wait for the next one. Honestly I feel SOOOOOOOO good when I'm doing, talking, watching or BEING around all that wonderful "stuff" - it's almost like anything is possible!

T.M. Retail Sales

To have the opportunity to learn how to see and “feel” the energy world opens many doors and I am very, very excited.

KM IT Consultant

Thankyou Fara your presentation style was thorough and thoughtful. Your workshop gave me clearer understanding of the steps to clearing and healing and especially breath.

TF Admin

I loved that you teach from such a personal experience and with a passion for the work you do and the teachings of Master Chao Kok Sui. It has been a very inspiring start to what I know will become an ongoing life path of Pranic Healing for me.

NB book editor

PH is a path, a way of "living awake", a path of living responsibly and in control, and a way to connect with me, others and all.

MK engineer