Consultations with Fara

Consultations with Fara

“Fara uses Pranic Healing© techniques which seemed so simple yet were exceptionally powerful. I experienced immediate relief of my physical and emotional ailments – I thought it would take weeks or even months to heal, if at all, but I realise that I had an accelerated healing on every level.”


What does Fara offer in her session with you?

Through over 25 years of Pranic Healing studies and clinical experience, Fara has developed the skills, focus and heart to work effectively with you on all aspects of your physical, emotional and spiritual life.

Fara’s work is also enhanced by 30 years of extensive nursing training centred on childbirth and parenting and 40 years of daily meditation and spiritual practice that has inevitably led her to develop her intuition and clairvoyance.

As the Pranic Healer, Fara works on the client’s meridians, internal organs, chakras and aura to remove ‘used up’ or ‘diseased’ energy and replace it with fresh vital energy called Prana. This allows you to move towards physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Because ailments exist energetically before they manifest physically or psychologically Fara is able to determine the state of your energy systems to provide you with information on areas of low vitality and offer simple methods by which you can sustain a healthful energetic level.

Fara is constantly refining and updating her skills and expertise and has recently become proficient in healing through Cellular Healing and teaching MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing©.

Fara recommends 1.5 hours for the initial consultation to fully facilitate your movement towards health, wellbeing, purpose and peace.

There is no physical touch with this healing modality.

The benefits for you are:

    • Accelerated healing capacity which improves the immune system, increases vitality, promoting more calm and clarity.
    • Removal of negative cellular memories that cause fear, anxiety, negative self-image and low self-esteem.
    • Increased energy so you can achieve your goals with a sense of direction and peace. 

Experience healing ... gain insights ... find purpose ... grow in wisdom

Once you experience the healing power of Pranic Healing you may feel ready to learn the simple and powerful techniques for self-healing and healing others in a course situation course link