MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing©

MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing©

In MCKS Crystal Pranic Healing, you will learn how to harness the power crystals and gemstones to enhance your healing ability, spirituality and prosperity. Pre-requisite Advanced Pranic Healing© 

What will you learn in this Crystal Pranic Healing© Course?
  • Increase your healing power by using specific crystals.
  • Extract negative emotions and energies from your aura quickly and easily.
  • Create shields for faster healing and to protect yourself, your family and possessions from negatives energies and psychic attack
  • Learn to consecrate crystals to attract good health and prosperity for yourself and others.
  • Learn when and what crystals to use for rapid healing
  • Learn to de-program crystals of old energies and how to re-program them
  • Charge and consecrate crystals for your health, happiness and financial success




All PRANIC HEALING courses are ‘experiential’ and during class, the principles will be explained and you will practice the techniques to gain confident in your ability to produce results!


You can start your crystal healing journey now!

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