MCKS Arhatic Yoga© Level 1 – Mon July 19th

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Date(s) - 19/07/2021
8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Pranic Healing Centre


MCKS Arhatic Yoga© Level 1

Pre-requisite Arhatic Yoga Prep Level + 2 yrs of practice.

Arhatic Yoga Level 1 involves the rapid activation of the chakras and opening of the major meridians to allow more Kundalini Energy and Spiritual Energy to flow through your system.

Typically students will experience an increase in the size of the chakras by 100% to 300%. You will also notice your healing abilities increase tremendously, you will have less chance of being depleted when healing or dealing with negative situations.

In addition, each of the chakras have inherent powers that will be increased.

  • Crown- intuition, spiritual connection
  • Ajna- will power, abstract thinking faculties
  • Throat – creativity and detailed thinking
  • Heart – compassion and sensitivity to subtle energies
  • Solar Plexus – courage and perseverance
  • Naval – Instincts and storehouse of energy
  • Sex – creativity and charisma
  • Basic – dynamic activity and physical power

PREFERRED PAYMENT OPTION (1) EFT- Pranic Healing Centre (CBA) BSB 064-119 Acc 10180633 (please use your name as the reference)

Other payment options (2) Credit card-see below or call with card details to mob 0418 217 193 or (3) PayPal see below


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Standard $924.00
Resit for graduate students
Please provide a copy of your AY L1 certificate if from another centre.