Enneagram Type 8

Enneagram Type 8: The Challenger

Are you an Enneagram Type 8 and want to know what it means? Then keep on reading this blog as we reveal your true personality!Enneagram Type 8

The Enneagram is one of the many personality tests that describes how an individual sees the world and how he handles their emotions. These nine possible personality types are then mapped on a nine-point diagram to better understand how each relates to the other.

The word Enneagram is from the Greek words Ennea (nine) and Gramma (something that is drawn or written.)

This method allows you to explain how a person may react to certain situations. Aside from that, since you now understand why others behave that way, it can also help with your own self-development.

Enneagram Type Eight: Defining traits

The best nickname to describe an Enneagram type eight is ‘The Challenger’. Here are some of its defining characteristics:

  • Assertive and protective
  • Self-sufficient and independent
  • Fierce and confident
  • Skilled and determined
  • Busy and super energetic
  • Powerful and passionate
  • Strong-willed but stubborn
  • Has absolute control over things


What are they like and how do you recognize an Enneagram type 8?

Competent and with a clear goal, Challengers are known for their confidence and readily accept any challenge. They face failures with their heads up high but make sure to come back stronger than before.

As children, they were probably called “bossy” by their friends. They usually take-charge during meetings or group projects, too, and are fulfilled whenever they’re recognized as leaders.

Challengers are very smart and trust in their own abilities. Once they decide, others’ opinions don’t matter and that’s why some see them as stubborn.

Their core values

In terms of status, Challengers would rather be respected than to be liked by their social groups. They want to make an impact and won’t back down whatever it takes.

They take pride in being honest and strong. They’re known for being just and loyalty is very important to them.

Challengers are loyal to those who are loyal to them and will stand by them through heaven and hell. When their loved ones face any danger, they will go above and beyond to comfort and support them.



How to recognize an enneagram type 8?

Challengers are born leaders who make their presence known with their confidence. People are naturally drawn to them for their charm and because they do what they say they’ll do.

Furthermore, they believe in making your own destiny and working hard to get what you desire.

Their strong personality also means they’re unafraid of confrontations, which gets them into serious trouble. They’re not afraid to argue with authority, especially if they know they’re right.

Challengers believe that respect is earned through reason—and not just because you’re older or have a higher status.

Enneagram Type 8: What they’re like at different levels

Normal Level

Challengers are seen as the saviours of the oppressed. These confident and strong leaders are usually the backbone for causes and changes in the community.

When it comes to loved ones, they’re very helpful and generous that they freely offer their resources and advice. Challengers are easily aware of others’ needs and will readily drop their tough persona when someone weaker needs their help.

Moderate Level

Challengers are competitive and they may see friendships or relationships as a battlefield, looking for the next challenge to win.

They’re self-confident and very stubborn and assertive. Challengers can be critical of themselves and work towards self-improvement and make an effort to hide their vulnerability.

Because being vulnerable means weakness for them it feels unacceptable in their book.

As a result, their friends see them as ambitious and intimidating. Challengers welcome new challenges with confidence and see failures as a sign to up their game.

Extreme Level

Challengers tend to become tyrannical and intimidating and scare others off at first glance. They can become obsessed with power, too, and will destroy anyone or anything that blocks their path.

They can become unable to see the gentler side of humanity and start ignoring others’ feelings and emotions. In some cases, Challengers can become heartless antagonists to those who dare question them and their decisions.

They may use empty threats to regain power over someone and turn current relationships into a test.

Challengers are testing others and when they turn their backs Challengers will say they’re probably better off without them. This can lead to Challengers cutting off from all support.