What Can Pranic Healing Do For You?

Whatever symptoms you are experiencing are the result of energy imbalances.
These energy imbalances are congestion or depletion in the aura, chakras, organs or energy meridians and underlie all your physical, emotional & spiritual disorders.

Pranic Healing is able to offer you:
* relief of symptoms and relief of pain
* health support & maintenance
* strengthening your energetic framework to make the changes you seek in your life
* plus easy to learn self-healing techniques.

What Fara can offer you in a consultation?

  • Fara is the Director of the Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre. She is a Certified Senior Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner and an Authorised Licensed Pranic Healing Teacher.
  • Fara has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in using Pranic Healing techniques in combination with a broad range of counselling methods to assist clients wanting to heal and move on from physical, emotional and spiritual challenges in their lives.
  • In particular, Fara’s counselling practice focuses on ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ and the ‘Enneagram’.
  • Fara is a highly sought after and respected practitioner and teacher in the field of energy medicine. Her insightfulness and practical approach which focuses on teaching self-healing methods supports clients to better understand and address issues that cause them to struggle and suffer.
  • Fara’s many years of practice and teaching in energy medicine and counselling allow her to tailor her sessions to meet the specific and sometimes complex needs of individual clients.

For Further Information and Appointments please don’t hesitate to contact the Pranic Healing and Meditation Centre. We look forward to assisting you.

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