Enneagram Type 7

Enneagram Type Seven: The Enthusiast

Did you get Enneagram Type 7 on your test but clueless as to what it means? Continue reading this post to find out!Enneagram Type 7

A type of personality test, the Enneagram helps describe how people conceptualize the world and deal with their emotions. It consists of nine personality types that are mapped on a nine-point diagram to see how each of them relates to the other.

The word Enneagram is derived from the Greek words Ennea meaning nine and Gramma meaning something drawn or written.

With this method, it’s now possible to explain why some people behave in a certain way. It can predict how a person can react in some scenarios, too, so the method may be used for self-improvement as well.

Enneagram Type 7: Defining traits

A nickname that best describes the seventh personality type is ‘The Enthusiast’. Here are some of its defining characteristics:

  • Positive and spontaneous
  • Always on-the-go
  • Interested about a lot of things
  • Very energetic and enthusiastic
  • Has curious, sparkly eyes
  • Packed with creative and professional projects
  • Optimistic and upbeat
  • Popular and likeable


Enneagram Type 7: What are they like?

Curious and energetic, Enthusiasts are the busy yet playful optimists of all the types. They have a relentless thirst for new information, making them great speakers and storytellers.

Even at the end of the day, their minds are still searching for new ideas to discover.

They’re very charming, too, with a passion for many things. Enthusiasts see the world as their playground that’s why they’re known as the Enneagram’s ‘eternal children’.

Their core values

Novelty, happiness, freedom and flexibility are words that best describe Enthusiasts. They also believe that variety is the spice of life!

Enthusiasts are always looking for new experiences to have a different view of life.

They’re open-minded and non-judgmental and think everyone should explore whenever they can. They believe there’s beauty in everything if you know where to look.


How do you recognize an enneagram type 7?

Enthusiasts are free-spirited and whimsical individuals who experience life with such curiosity and have a wide range of abilities, and very active imaginations.

As an employee, they get along well with co-workers and are highly productive. They’re often conversation starters, too, since they can talk about anything under the sun.

Moreover, enthusiasts aren’t afraid of change. When faced with the unknown, they welcome the challenge with open arms and face it with pride and confidence.

Enneagram Type 7: What they’re like at different levels?

Normal Level

Enthusiasts see how their expertise and interests relate to each other and use them to make things that would benefit others.

They accept the lessons learned from every experience, both good and bad. And, even when in a bad mood, they can handle their anger with great finesse which then inspires others.

Their positivity is especially infectious, too. Enthusiasts have perfected the work-life balance and still have the time to take on new journeys and keep their happiness tanks full.

Moderate Level

Enthusiasts constantly look for new activities to experience being ‘high’. These fun and flexible individuals fight stress by regularly adding to their bucket list to make sure they don’t run out.

These adrenaline junkies may fall into serious addictions if their energy isn’t handled properly. Enthusiasts are future-oriented, too, and will do everything to maximize their happiness.

Or, even deny any pain.

Therefore, they often dive head-first into any form of escape such as reading, exercising or drugs and alcohol.

Extreme Level

Enthusiasts can burn-out and be overly critical and uncaring of things around them. They can get irritated even with the smallest things and everything suddenly seems annoying.

They can be narcissistic and ultimately, feel like they don’t know what they want in life.

Enthusiasts jump from one place or person to another, lose touch with reality, and seem to live in a fantasy world. Once they realise their made-up world is just an illusion, they lose self-control and tumble into an emotional rollercoaster.